INDOT Traveler Information System

Status: Existing


Includes the deployment of a mobile application to present traffic information from the Indiana DOT Traveler Information System.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Indiana DOTOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Transportation Information Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
TIC Connected Vehicle Traveler Info DistributionIn support of connected vehicle applications, 'TIC Connected Vehicle Traveler Info Distribution' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, trFalse
TIC Data Collection'TIC Data Collection' collects transportation–related data from other centers, performs data quality checks on the collected data and then consolidates, verifies, and refines the data and makes it available in a consistent format to applications that suppFalse
TIC Emergency Traveler Information'TIC Emergency Traveler Information' provides emergency information to the public, including wide–area alerts and evacuation information. It provides emergency alerts, information on evacuation zones and evacuation requirements, evacuation destinations aFalse
TIC Interactive Traveler Information'TIC Interactive Traveler Information' disseminates personalized traveler information including traffic and road conditions, transit information, parking information, maintenance and construction information, multimodal information, event information, andFalse
TIC Situation Data Management'TIC Situation Data Management' manages connected vehicle situation data collection, quality controls, filtering, aggregation, and storage. Through this process, raw data reported by connected vehicles are transformed into information products that can bFalse
TIC Travel Services Information and Reservation'TIC Travel Services Information' disseminates information about traveler services such as lodging, restaurants, and service stations. Tailored traveler service information is provided on request that meets the constraints and preferences specified by thFalse
TIC Traveler Information Broadcast'TIC Traveler Information Broadcast' disseminates traveler information including traffic and road conditions, incident information, maintenance and construction information, event information, transit information, parking information, and weather informatFalse
TIC Traveler Telephone Information'TIC Traveler Telephone Information' services voice–based traveler requests for information that supports traveler telephone information systems like 511. It takes requests for traveler information, which could be voice–formatted traveler requests, dual–False

Interfaces To

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City and County Public Information Systems
Commercial Vehicles and Barges
Connected/Automated Vehicles
Fleet and Freight Management Systems
Indiana State Police Communications Center
Indiana State Police Posts
Indiana Statewide Emergency Operations Center
INDOT CARS 511 System
INDOT Rest Area Truck Parking Availability System
INDOT Seymour District Maintenance Garages
INDOT Traffic Operations Center
Local Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
National Weather Service
Private Fleet and Freight Operators
Private Traveler Information Systems
Private Vehicles
Private Weather Service Systems
Regional Medical Centers
Riverfront Terminals and Operations Centers
School District Dispatch
Traveler Information Devices
TV and Radio Stations
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