Parking Management Centers

Status: Existing


Parking Management Centers is a Generic Element that represents systems and personnel responsible for electronic monitoring and management of parking facilities throughout the State, including airport and transit parking facilities that have automated parking systems.

Facilities represented by this Generic Element include:
– The Banks Parking Garage
– CVG Parking Facilities
– Transit Parking Facilities and Centers
– Private/Contracted Parking Facilities


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Parking Management Agencies/CompaniesOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects

Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment
Parking Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Parking Account and Fee Management'Parking Account and Fee Management' manages parking fare collection at the Parking Management Center. It provides the back office functions that support control of field parking management systems, supporting payment reconciliation with links to financiFalse
Parking Coordination'Parking Coordination' supports communication and coordination between equipped parking facilities and also supports regional coordination between parking facilities and traffic management systems. Coordination with traffic management supports local trafFalse
Parking Management'Parking Management' monitors parking area operations for one or more parking areas, monitoring current operational status including current parking occupancy and rates supporting back office operations.False
RSE Parking Management'RSE Parking Management' monitors the basic safety messages generated by connected vehicles to detect vehicles parking and maintain and report spaces that are occupied by connected vehicles. It also uses short range communications to provide parking infoFalse

Physical Standards

Document NumberTitleDescription
USDOT RSUDedicated Short–Range Communications Roadside Unit Specifications (FHWA–JPO–17–589)This document will specify the requirements for roadside units (RSU) to serve as a network edge device for 5.9GHz DSRC infrastructure.

Interfaces To

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BCRTA Transit System Dispatch
Cincinnati Parking Management
Cincinnati Traffic Control Center
CTC Transit Dispatch
CVG Airport Parking Management Systems
Financial Institutions
Local Transit Systems
Parking Management Systems and Sensors (Private)
SORTA Transit Dispatch Center
TANK Transit System Dispatch
The Banks Intermodal Center
Traveler Information Devices
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Dispatch
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