Status: Planned


This terminator represents any user commercial vehicle operator that uses transportation services. Interfaces to this terninator provide pre–trip and en–route traveler information supporting trip planning and personal guidance. This terminator differes from the Driver terminator in that it represents both pre–trip and en–route commercial vehicle operators that are not necessarily engaged in the driving task.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
The PublicOwnsPlanned

Physical Objects


Interfaces To

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BCRTA Transit Information Systems
BCRTA Transit Vehicles
Cincinnati Streetcar Rail Vehicles
Cincinnati Streetcar Transit Information Systems
CTC Transit Vehicles
Local Transit Agency Transit Information Systems
Local Transit Vehicles
RAMP Transit Vehicles
SORTA Fixed Route Vehicles
SORTA Regional Transit Hubs
SORTA Transit Information Systems
TANK Regional Transit Hubs
TANK Transit Information Systems
TANK Transit Vehicles
Traveler Information Devices
University of Cincinnati Shuttle Vehicles
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