ODPS Crash Database

Status: Existing

Description: Ohio Crash Data File traffic crash data.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Ohio Department of Public SafetyOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Archived Data System

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Archive Data Repository'Archive Data Repository' collects data and data catalogs from one or more data sources and stores the data in a focused repository that is suited to a particular set of ITS data users. It includes capabilities for performing quality checks on the incomiFalse
Archive Government Reporting'Archive Government Reporting' selects and formats data residing in an ITS archive to facilitate local, state, and federal government data reporting requirements. It provides transportation system statistics and performance measures in required formats tFalse
Archive On–Line Analysis and Mining'Archive On–Line Analysis and Mining' provides advanced data analysis, summarization, and mining features that facilitate discovery of information, patterns, and correlations in large data sets. Multidimensional analysis, selective summarization and expaFalse
Archive Situation Data Archival'Archive Situation Data Archival' collects and archives traffic, roadway, and environmental information for use in off–line planning, research, and analysis. It controls and collects information directly from equipment at the roadside, reflecting the depFalse

Physical Standards

Document NumberTitleDescription
NEMA TS 8Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation SystemsThis specification describes how agencies and other transportation infrastructure owner/operators should implement cyber– and physical–security for ITS.

Interfaces To

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ODOT District 8 Maintenance Garages
ODOT District 8 Traffic Data Archive
ODOT Office of Technical Services
Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts
Ohio State Highway Patrol State Communications Center
OSU Center of Automotive Research
Regional Operations Center
Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers
Transportation Research Centers
University of Cincinnati Department of Public Safety
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