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Description: Drivers of vehicles.

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Cincinnati Dynamic Message Signs
Cincinnati Field Equipment
Cincinnati Parking Management
City and County Field Equipment
Commercial Vehicles and Barges
Connected/Automated Vehicles
CVG Airport Parking Management Systems
Hamilton County Field Equipment
INDOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
INDOT Dynamic Message Signs
INDOT Lane Control Devices
INDOT Ramp Meters
INDOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
INDOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
INDOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
KYTC Automated Gate Closure Systems
KYTC Dynamic Message Signs
KYTC Lane Control Devices
KYTC Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
KYTC Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
KYTC Variable Speed Limit Signs
ODOT / KYTC Electronic Toll System
ODOT Automated Gate Closure Systems
ODOT District 8 Field Equipment
ODOT Dynamic Message Signs
ODOT Lane Control Devices
ODOT Speed Monitoring Roadside Equipment
ODOT Traffic Signal Roadway Equipment
ODOT Variable Speed Limit Signs
Parking Management Systems and Sensors (Private)
Private EV Charging Stations
Private Vehicles
Public Agency EV Charging Stations
The Banks Intermodal Center
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