Regional Public Safety Dispatch Centers

Status: Existing


The dispatch center for the appropriate public safety departments and vehicles.


StakeholderRoleRole Status
Cities and CountiesOwnsExisting

Physical Objects

Emergency Management Center

Functional Objects

Functional ObjectDescriptionUser Defined
Emergency Commercial Vehicle Response'Emergency Commercial Vehicle Response' identifies and initiates a response to commercial vehicle and freight equipment related emergencies. These emergencies may include incidents involving hazardous materials as well as the detection of non–permitted tFalse
Emergency Data Collection'Emergency Data Collection' collects and stores emergency information that is collected in the course of operations by the Emergency Management Center. This data can be used directly by operations personnel or it can be made available to other data usersFalse
Emergency Dispatch'Emergency Dispatch' tracks the location and status of emergency vehicles and dispatches these vehicles to incidents. Pertinent incident information is gathered from the public and other public safety agencies and relayed to the responding units. IncideFalse
Emergency Incident Command'Emergency Incident Command' provides tactical decision support, resource coordination, and communications integration for Incident Commands that are established by first responders at or near the incident scene to support local management of an incident.False
Emergency Incident Scene Safety Management'Emergency Incident Scene Safety Management' remotely monitors incident scene safety systems that detect vehicle intrusions in designated areas at the incident scene and warns on–scene personnel and drivers of imminent encroachment. Public safety respondFalse
Emergency Response Management'Emergency Response Management' provides the strategic emergency response capabilities and broad inter–agency interfaces that are implemented for extraordinary incidents and disasters that require response from outside the local community. It provides thFalse
Emergency Routing'Emergency Routing' supports routing of emergency vehicles and enlists support from the Traffic Management Center to facilitate travel along these routes. Routes may be determined based on real–time traffic information and road conditions or routes may bFalse
Emergency Secure Area Sensor Management'Emergency Secure Area Sensor Management' manages sensors that monitor secure areas in the transportation system, processes the collected data, performs threat analysis in which data is correlated with other sensor, surveillance, and advisory inputs, and False
Emergency Secure Area Surveillance'Emergency Secure Area Surveillance' monitors surveillance inputs from secure areas in the transportation system. The surveillance may be of secure areas frequented by travelers (i.e., transit stops, transit stations, rest areas, park and ride lots, modaFalse

Physical Standards

Document NumberTitleDescription
NEMA TS 8Cyber and Physical Security for Intelligent Transportation SystemsThis specification describes how agencies and other transportation infrastructure owner/operators should implement cyber– and physical–security for ITS.

Interfaces To

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TRIMARC Freeway Service Patrol (KYTC)
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