Interface: Regional 911 Call Centers - TRIMARC Freeway Service Patrol (KYTC)

Regional 911 Call Centers to TRIMARC Freeway Service Patrol (KYTC) Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

decision support information  (Planned)  

Information provided to support effective and safe incident response, including local traffic, road, and weather conditions, hazardous material information, and the current status of resources (including vehicles, other equipment, supplies) that have been allocated to an incident.

incident scene images  (Planned)  

Real time images or video of an incident scene. This flow includes the images or video and meta data that describes the images.

incident scene status  (Planned)  

Information gathered at the incident site that more completely characterizes the incident and provides current incident response status.

patient transport status  (Planned)  

Notification of medical facility transport that identifies the care facility, basic information about the patient(s) being transported, and enroute status.

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