Interface: Regional 911 Call Centers - CTC Transit Vehicles

Regional 911 Call Centers to CTC Transit Vehicles Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

alarm notification  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Notification of activation of an audible or silent alarm by a traveler in a public area or by a transit vehicle operator using an on–board device.

secure area sensor data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Data provided by threat sensors (e.g., thermal, acoustic, radiological, chemical), and intrusion, motion, and object detection sensors in secure areas indicating the sensor's operational status, raw and processed sensor data, and alarm indicators when a threat has been detected.

secure area surveillance data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Data collected from surveillance systems used to monitor secure areas. Includes video, audio, processed surveillance data, equipment operational status, and alarm indicators when a threat has been detected.

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