Interface: Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts - ODOT Freeway Safety Patrol

Ohio State Highway Patrol Posts to ODOT Freeway Safety Patrol Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

emergency dispatch requests  (Planned)  

Emergency vehicle dispatch instructions including incident location and available information concerning the incident.

road weather advisories for emergency response  (Planned)  

Segment–specific weather and road conditions including real–time advisories of deteriorating road and weather conditions, medium–term advisories for the next 2–12 hours, and long–term advisories more than 12 hours into the future. This flow is filtered, tailored, and augmented to support emergency responders.

suggested route  (Planned)  

Suggested route for a dispatched emergency or maintenance vehicle that may reflect current network conditions and the additional routing options available to en route emergency or maintenance vehicles that are not available to the general public.

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