Interface: Regional Operations Center - ODOT ATMS

Regional Operations Center to ODOT ATMS Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

incident command information coordination  (Existing)  

Information that supports local management of an incident. It includes resource deployment status, hazardous material information, traffic, road, and weather conditions, evacuation advice, and other information that enables emergency or maintenance personnel in the field to implement an effective, safe incident response.

resource deployment status  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Status of resource deployment identifying the resources (vehicles, equipment, materials, and personnel) available and their current status. General resource inventory information and specific status of deployed resources may be included.

threat information coordination  (Planned)  

Sensor, surveillance, and threat data including raw and processed data that is collected by sensor and surveillance equipment located in secure areas.

wrong way vehicle notification  (Existing)  Selected Comm Solution

Notification to public safety that a vehicle has been detected traveling in the wrong direction. It includes information about the vehicle (make, model, color, other identification data) and the current location, speed, acceleration, and heading of the wrong way vehicle.

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