Interface: ODOT Statewide TMC - ODOT District 8 Field Equipment

ODOT Statewide TMC to ODOT District 8 Field Equipment Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

situation data collection parameters  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

The parameters that are used to control the flow of situation data from the RSE. This flow identifies the type of data/snapshots that are requested from passing vehicles and reporting parameters such as snapshot frequency, filtering criteria (data thresholds for reporting), and reporting interval that control the type and volume of data reported to the back office center.

traffic monitoring application info  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Traffic monitoring application parameters and thresholds that control the filtering, aggregation, and range of measures that are collected, derived, and reported. This flow also supports remote control of the application so the application can be taken offline, reset, or restarted.

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