Interface: Fleet and Freight Management Systems - Indiana Motor Carrier Services

Fleet and Freight Management Systems to Indiana Motor Carrier Services Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

citation  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Report of commercial vehicle citation. The citation includes references to the statute(s) that was (were) violated. It includes information on the violator and the officer issuing the citation. A citation differs from a violation because it is adjudicated by the courts. The information may be provided as a response to a real–time query or proactively by the source. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

driver log  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

A daily log showing hours in service for the current driver. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

on-board safety data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Safety data measured by on–board sensors. Includes information about the vehicle, vehicle components, cargo, and driver. The query flow is not explicitly shown.

trigger area  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

A geographic area a commercial motor vehicle crosses into, which initiates a request to compile and transmit a safety data message. May be associated with a time period.

trigger area notification  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Notification to activate wireless roadside inspection safety data message collection.

unique identifiers  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Unique identifiers for the motor carrier, driver, and vehicle. This flow identifies the driver actually operating the vehicle in multi–driver scenarios.

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