Interface: KYTC District 6 Planning - City and County Cameras

KYTC District 6 Planning to City and County Cameras Interface Diagram

Information Flow Definitions

passive vehicle monitoring data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Time stamped identifiers that identify the vehicles that have passed through a detection zone.

traffic detector data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Raw and/or processed traffic detector data which allows derivation of traffic flow variables (e.g., speed, volume, and density measures) and associated information (e.g., congestion, potential incidents). This flow includes the traffic data and the operational status of the traffic detectors

traffic image meta data  (Planned)  Selected Comm Solution

Meta data that describes traffic images. Traffic images (video) are in another flow.

traffic images  (Planned)  

High fidelity, real–time traffic images suitable for surveillance monitoring by the operator or for use in machine vision applications. This flow includes the images. Meta data that describes the images is contained in another flow.

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